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Atlanta Business Chronicle Executive Profile: SmartPM CEO, Michael Pink

Atlanta Business Chronicle Executive Profile: Michael Pink helps the construction industry get their jobs done

By   – Associate Editor, Atlanta Business Chronicle

Even when the city of Atlanta and the country shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, construction, considered essential, continued.

Michael Pink's SmartPM app helps projects stay on schedule with its automated analytics platform for developers, project owners and contractors. With more than 17 years in the construction industry, Pink said he sees the industrial sector growing here as companies eschew other countries to produce their goods and services within the U.S.

What led you to your career?   After I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2001 as an industrial engineer, I looked for a consulting job in New York City. I took a position with KPMG in its construction consulting and dispute resolution practice. It wasn’t necessarily what I was looking for as a career, but I liked the company and saw it as a foot-in-the-door opportunity. Once I got there, however, I realized the construction industry had plenty of room for operational and procedural improvements. It was common for construction consultants to come from within the industry itself,  and industrial engineer consultants didn't yet exist in the construction business. Essentially, it was a greenfield opportunity and a perfect fit for me. That experience is ultimately what led me to develop a data analytics technology for the construction industry, which I believe will add a level of systematic analytics that is necessary to improve most problems related to overruns, delays and disputes.  

Who was your biggest influence in your career?   The biggest influence in my life and career is a toss-up between my father, Richard Pink (a retired real estate developer) and my older brother, Rich Pink (currently chief operating officer at SmartPM Technologies). My father taught me the importance of hard work and the drive to improve myself in whatever I’m doing every single day. My brother taught me how to be responsible and stand on my own two feet. He also played a large role in my attending Tech. Upon my acceptance and enrollment at Tech, Rich supported me by holding me accountable and also helping financially at times, throughout my college days. In addition, both my father and brother contributed to my perseverance, competitiveness, positive attitude and drive to succeed.  

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