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Accepted wisdom tells us that the more things change, the more they stay the same. This is especially true with regard to construction projects. Changes in scope, specs, schedules, etc., are as much a part of the job as bricks and mortar. They appear with regularity, and each change carries the potential to affect the price and time frame of a project’s completion.

Why the Sudden Change?

There are as many reasons for changes taking place during a construction project as there are tasks being performed in that project. Some of the more common include:

How Much Change Can One Project Take?

Depending on circumstances, change orders can make little or no difference on a project, or create disputes that transform it almost entirely. Drawings and specs may need to be redone; completed tasks may require reworking; additional resources may need to be allocated; any or all of which can result in a very different project from that originally planned.

Change orders can negatively impact the progress of a construction project, especially if more than one is simultaneously issued. The effects may not be readily apparent at first unless controls are in place to identify and quantify the impact.

Construx Gives the Correct Change with Every Order

The Construx team is composed of professionals with decades of accumulated experience in accurately assessing change orders. That is a fact not subject to change. And we are prepared to help minimize the delays and disruptions change orders can cause.

Our team thoroughly reviews the contract, including the details of the change order, to ensure that the order has been properly prepared and issued. We analyze the facts to assign responsibility for the change, and ensure that the pricing is fair, reasonable and representative of the true value of the work.

Construx Keeps Change Orders from Causing Disorder

Issuing a change order is one thing; ensuring that the changes are correctly implemented and assessing their actual and potential impacts on the project is another thing entirely. Stringent, consistent change control management is a critical factor in helping keep costs under control and preventing claims, and that is precisely what Construx provides.

If a change order is issued during construction but not satisfactorily completed, it will become a claim. Delays and lack of communication are the chief offenders if and when this occurs.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that any change order is promptly and properly communicated and performed, and that anything that interferes with the completion of the change order be promptly addressed.

Changes Are Coming, So Contact Construx Today

The professionals at Construx are experts in change order management. When you partner with us, we will help ensure that any change orders are properly and quickly communicated, tracked and completed to help keep the project on schedule, minimize extra costs and prevent unnecessary claims.

Call us today to receive a free custom quote at 404-329-300 or fill out our online contact form to have our team contact you. With Construx on your side, the changes will do you good.

Author: SmartPMTech

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