COVID19- Setting Construction Schedules up for Success Post-COVID19

Following the release two weeks ago of our “COVID19 Schedule and Delay Impact Management Plan” (which was download and viewed over 1,000 times), many clients and industry colleagues asked if we could provide a more detailed document on how to set up a construction schedule for success during this critical time.

Based on this request and feedback, SmartPM has prepared the following downloadable White Paper to assist GCs, Owners, and Developers to take immediate actions to address the following:

  1. Confirm Accuracy of Progress Data – It is important to ensure that the project is not over- statused or under-statused because it can lead to near term confusion and disagreements down the road. In addition, ensuring that the data in the schedule accurately represents progress is a required step when requesting time and money for any impacts.  It is worth getting ahead of this right now while projects are slowing down. 
  2. Confirm that the Schedule is of High Quality – As far as this whitepaper is concerned, schedule quality refers to the structural integrity of the actual schedule. This is not an assessment of constructability rather, an analysis of best practices in scheduling.  Confirming that the schedule has been constructed with best practices in mind ensures that the schedule will be an effective tool in managing the work going forward as well as a means to understanding impacts and delays.  Without a quality schedule, projects teams can be guided in the wrong direction and the impacts become arguable which translates to a further delayed project and a highly emotional dispute resolution process. 
  3. Assess Schedule Feasibility – Ensuring that a schedule is feasible is equally as important as ensuring schedule data is accurate and the structure of the schedule is of high quality. A common phenomenon exists in construction scheduling where critical path delays happen yet end dates don’t change.  This goes against the very principles that CPM (Critical Path Method) scheduling was founded on and is only made possible through modifications in periodic updates to schedule logic, durations, calendars, etc..  This practice usually impacts the integrity and accuracy of the schedule, sending projects down a path of delays, inefficiencies and disputes.  Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the current project schedule is achievable and not overly aggressive. 

If you would like to download a more comprehensive document that gives more information regarding the White Paper outlined above, please complete the information below.

SmartPM™ is committed to serving and supporting the construction industry by simplifying schedule information and analysis to a level that all parties can understand in an automated fashion.  SmartPM™ eliminates confusion regarding the project schedule and performance,  resulting in enhanced team collaboration and reduced monetary claims at the end of each project. 

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For additional support here, please give us a call at SmartPM or reach out to me directly via email at mpink@smartpmtech.com. We are here to help keep everyone on the same page and working together through this difficult time.




Author: Michael Pink

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